Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Rainy days come again

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Can you hear them?  They were singing,
 "Let it rain!  Let it rain!  I can't stand the pollen anymore! 
 Let it rain, let it rain!  My eyes and nose are sore!"  

Mom, do you really need to take a picture?


  1. I LOVE rainy days! Not Thunderstorms...hate thunderstorms! But just pure rainy days! There is no better mom moment than to say, "why don't ya'll go play in the rain!" SQUEALS!! So fun!

    1. I love thunderstorms at night. Super fun to let the kids play in the rain during the day. They LOVE it!!

  2. Thank you for hopping over to my blog from the #UBP14. it's nice to meet you. I love playing in the rain with my little boy and he hates me taking his pictures. Have a great week. Nice to meet you Kim from This ole mom.