Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dear Bug...

Dear Bug,

Two days ago you turned 8.  Yesterday you and your best friend treated me to a fashion show and concert complete with dimmed lights, music and shaking hips.  You are growing up so fast, too fast.  I look at you and you're no longer that teensy little girl that needs my help all the time.  In fact, you rarely need my help for anything any more.

So, I want to tell you this: don't let the world change you.  The creativity and imagination that God has given you is astounding.  Sometimes I wish I could see what is going on inside your head.  Keep experimenting.  Keep playing.  Keep cracking jokes and making people laugh.  You told me recently that "being silly is [your] talent."  And you are good at it.  But your memory for all things animal is amazing as well.  And so is your ability to create something beautiful from the simple things around you.

I cannot wait to see what God has planned for you.  I know that right now your plan is to grow up, share an apartment with Rachel and have lots of pets.  Oh, and let Rachel get a job while you stay home and take care of the pets.  But, I'm thinking that God's got something a little bit bigger in mind for you, my love.

I am so grateful that God brought you into our lives.  You teach me to relish each moment.  To focus on the little things.  To ignore the things that don't really matter.  And to laugh. A lot.

I love you to Heaven and back a million times,


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