Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring has definitely spru... spru...sprun....ACHOOO!

It is definitely spring here in beautiful South Carolina.  You can tell because everything has a lovely green coat.  The trees. The plants.  The cars.  The porch.  You if you stay outside too long.  It's a terrible contrast.  The weather is finally warm enough to turn off the heat, but you can't open the windows because the pollen is so bad.  Two of my children walk around this time of year looking like they've spent time in a boxing ring.

This week we celebrated PAJAMA DAY at CC.  And this was truly cause for celebration because there is nothing better than wearing your comfy clothes when you  have work to do.  And since we homeschoolers are known for doing our school work in our pj's anyway....

This week the kids also did their presentations on the big stage using a microphone.  We wanted to give them a chance to know what it feels like to be up there looking down, as well as speaking into the mike.  I was really proud of each of them.  My own kiddos did a great job.  And my class was terrific as well.  Now, how they would do in front of an unknown or bigger audience.... that's anyone's guess.

John, my oldest child, gave me some food for thought and a bit of conviction when he asked me if I had ever read the book of Revelations.  When I responded that I had not ever read through the entire book on my own, he said, "Me either.  That's why I was going to start last night, but I got too tired.  So I decided to listen to it being read to me instead."  Oh Lord, thank you for that dedication in my son, and give it to me as well!

On that same note, I've been feeling a real burden to be a pray warrior for those around me.  Since I always say that I pray without ceasing because I feel like I'm always talking to God, this has felt a little strange.  When I picture my friends that I consider "prayer warriors", I don't imagine my prayer life to look anything like theirs.  (Always comparing, I know.)  Anyway, I was truly blessed at church on Wednesday to see several people whom I had been praying for and get a chance to speak to each of them.  It was a huge encouragement for me.

We kept our kids' bffs this weekend while their parents were off at the Teach Them Diligently conference.  It's always fun to see them together.  I took the girls to Discovery Place Science Center on Friday.  The boys pretty much vegged the whole time.  I believe fun was had by all.

Finally, spring soccer season has arrived!  Yay!  Time to spend all Saturday morning enjoying the beauty of God's creation while cheering on my two favorite soccer players and my favorite soccer coach!  (Did I sound convincing?)  Seriously, though, I do love soccer.  And I do love watching my girls play.  (And loved watching my boy play when he did.)  I just don't love the 7:30 wake ups on Saturday morning.  Sorry.  But don't they look awesome!!  Behold the mighty Pink Panther and Red Phoenix!

So, what's the news in your neck of the woods??

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