Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Chance!! Store closing! Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Absolute Last Chance!!

Store Closing Forever!!

Don't you hate it when you see signs like that, and then two weeks later drive by the same store and it's still there?  You know that they just jacked their prices up and slapped sales signs on everything to increase traffic.  It's all a gimmick.

But let me assure you, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not.  But it is closing TOMORROW!

As my husband would attest (probably with a few mumbled choice words), I've been known to, on a whim, buy a book that looked helpful only to lay it down a few months later to collect dust.  And take up space.  And cause more clutter.

Here's the great thing about e-books.  They don't cause any clutter.  Or take up any space.  Or collect any dust.

And while they are, as a general rule, less expensive than a hard copy of a book, they still cost something.  I mean, the person who poured all their blood, sweat and tears into the book still deserves to get something out of it.  So, my husband was quite pleased when I discovered the wonderful world of e-books and e-readers.

Which brings me back to The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

On average, I've found that most e-books are going to cost between $4-6, unless you get them for a really good sale.  At which point the poor person who wrote it isn't making any money (which sucks because they are usually doing all the work for themselves, but I digress...)

So, when I purchased and downloaded my bundle, I kept track of the number of books that I immediately put aside to read.  Blog at Home Mom, The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight, Dear Wife...letters from a help meet, The Homemaker's Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule, Taming the Laundry Monster (OF COURSE!), and multiple printables.

Total estimated cost: $35

And that's just for the ones that I pulled off first glance!! Which in itself more than pays for the cost of the bundle.

I challenge you.  Look at the list of books here  and see if you can't come up with at least 5 books that spark your interest.  Then consider the fact that there are 75 more there to choose from!  And you don't have to keep them all.  If you have a book that doesn't fit your season of life - for example pregnancy - you can send them to a friend.  Just be sure to delete them from your own system.

So, what's keeping you here??  Go! Be free!  You won't find a deal this good again until next year!  But this is your last chance.  So HURRY!!

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