Friday, April 18, 2014

A quick wrap up

We are, even now, headed out of town for a family camping trip.  I am so looking forward to a special time with my precious family celebrating God's creation and His indescribable gift of salvation through the resurrection of Christ.

This has been a fun and busy week, though.

In CC we celebrated our last week with wacky dress and the official dropping of the eggs in the containers each student had made to protect it.  Unfortunately, none of the eggs survived, but much fun was had by all!

The older two kids began their 5 week study of Mayan culture with Minecraft Homeschool.  It was fun for me to watch them work together but separately.  It was interesting to see how their different personalities came out in the process.

Finally, a small funny for you:

  A snapshot of a page from Bethany's math book.  I always tell her that she'd never be able to  go the regular school because she draws pictures all over her book.  Her 8's become snowmen.  Lines are squiggles, etc.  In this particular situation, however, she had embellished the animals with necessaries.  If you look closely, you'll see the horse has a saddle and the sheep has a crown.

I knew before we even got to the problem that she would not like it, but I read it to her anyway.  He head snapped up, her eyes wide and she whispered, "But mom, I can't draw a line through the animals!  That's horrible!  Can I just draw a line under then so you can see I know how to do it?"

Honestly, I'm not sure who thought that was a good idea in the first place.  *eye roll*

Oh, one last giggle.  A raccoon got into our back yard during the night and our dogs, doing their job, killed it.  My girls came to me understandably upset.  I thought it was because the dogs had killed the raccoon, so I explained, for not the first time, how if something gets into our yard, it's the dogs' job to protect it, blah blah blah.  They stopped me and one said, "We know that.  We just wish they could kill it in a more humane way.  Like with a sword."

Dogs wielding swords chasing raccoons. That's the image I want to leave you with today.  

You're welcome.

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