Sunday, March 30, 2014

7 quick takes - the late version

1.  Daddy became the favorite person in the house this week.  We realized that electronics were taking over the kids' lives.  Or at least their faces.  So we adjusted the electronics rule from no electronics until after school to no electronics (TV, video games, computer, Kindle Fire, etc.) until after Daddy gets home from work.  It has really worked beautifully.  I think the kids have even enjoyed reconnecting with each other, and with themselves, in a real life way.  But it is funny to see them watching out the window for Daddy's car to come down the road.  

2.  We ended up with a Spring Breakish type of cleaning week mostly because I had several appointments and meetings this week and we were off from CC.  And the house is trashed.

3.  More rain equaled another canceled soccer practice and canceled camping this weekend and even canceled first soccer games.  I fear that this is going to be a rough soccer season.

4.  All three kids had another belt testing at Tae Kwon Do.  They tested for their first high red belt.  There are three high reds, I believe, before they test for black.  I cannot believe that we have been involved with TKD for this long.  It's a pretty awesome thing to watch them do their forms and spar.  I'm super proud of them.

5.  The girls were gone this weekend for a birthday party sleepover, and since the Boy Scout camp out was canceled because of the weather (in their defense, they were predicting extremely high winds and a lot lightning) we ended up with an only child experience with our oldest.  So, I got to go out to supper with the two most handsome guys in the country.

6.  As I said, we ended up with a spring break of sorts after all, despite the fact that I had told the kids we weren't going to have one.  Oh well.  It only puts us a week behind...

7.  John wrapped up his Viking Minecraft class this week.  His final assignment was to create a game within the game.  So he designed a scavenger hunt within a military camp.  I was impressed.  Truthfully, we have both really enjoyed this whole endeavor.  Not only has he enjoyed the creative process, but we've both learned a lot about Viking history.  We're considering another course.  And his sister wants to participate as well.  Desperately if the email below is any indication:

Seriously, if you have a kid who's into Minecraft, I cannot say enough about Minecraft Homeschool.  We've loved it.  (And no, I'm not an affiliate, we paid for it just like everyone else.  We just really liked it.)

So there's a weekly wrap-up, just as the new week starts.  And this one is going to be a doozy!  How's life in your neck of the woods??

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